The Future of Air Travel is Touchless

Rapidly upgrading airport self-service safety with software

MIT's On-Campus Celebration of Intercollegiate Sports Implements Touchless Interaction

Freetouch Partner Design Revolution Creates a More Inclusive Customer Experience with Freetouch

Fear, Uncertainty & Displays in a Post-COVID World

Science proves public displays aren't as clean as you think they are, even after disinfection.

Interspectral's "Inside Explorer" Goes Touchless at Sweden's Visualization Center C

A chat with "Inside Explorer" developer Interspectral on why they feel touchless interaction is an important consideration for museums.

Palmer Digital Group Retrofits Hardened Enclosures with Touchless Interactivity

How to rapidly turn a QSR/fast casual menu into an ordering kiosk.

Customer Showcase: The Wolfsonian-FIU

Today we’re featuring The Wolfsonian as the first in a series of customer showcases.

An Important Accommodation for the Post-pandemic Customer

A touchless interaction option is instantly verifiable and actionable; retailer hygiene practices are not.

Televisionation: Freetouch Founder and CEO, Darren David, in Conversation with the iTV Doctor

This week’s Friday Fireside guest is Freetouch Founder and CEO, Darren David, who responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic by developing an exceptionally simple solution to help museums, public venues, retail stores, malls, airports and others safely reopen.

v1.1 Released - Multi-Display Support And Critical Fixes

Today we released v1.1 of Freetouch, which includes our most-requested feature – support for multi-display configurations.