Touchless Patient Check-in

A Safer Patient Check-in Experience

Patients awaiting check-in in a hospital waiting room (Credit: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

The patient check-in experience is undergoing much needed upgrades, with touchscreen check-in kiosks enabling patients to notify staff of their arrival without having to wait in line.

Scientific tests show that within an hour of disinfecting displays, contamination is present again.

With Freetouch, existing patient check-in kiosks can be made touchless with no hardware modifications, providing a safe and 100% contactless means of patient check-in.

Enhanced Accessibility

Freetouch was designed with wheelchair-bound and mobility-impaired users in mind. With Freetouch installed, visitors can interact with existing digital interactives from the comfort of their own smartphone, virtually eliminating issues with reach, accessibility and removing the need for larger arm movements from the user experience.

Ensure Privacy Compliance

Hospitals across the globe have grappled with rolling out biometric passenger processing technologies in the wake of growing privacy concerns.

Freetouch is fully HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant, rapidly enabling a touchless check-in kiosk option for patients without compromising on privacy concerns.

Disinfecting Screens Doesn't Last

In less than one hour after the use of disinfecting wipes, touch screens again showed “marked contamination with bacterial and fungal organisms.""American Journal of Infection Control", June, 2015

With medical offices often understaffed and overbooked, high-traffic touchscreens requiring regular disinfection may not get the regular cleanings they require.

Stop spending time on ineffective disinfecting practices. Freetouch ensures a 100% touchless option for touch-averse users.

Eliminate Consumables and Prevent Damage

Freetouch is a “set and forget” solution - once installed, it requires no attention, only an active subscription and network connection.

Freetouch reduces operating costs, eliminates consumables, and protects displays, without requiring modifications to existing applications.