Touchless Retail Experiences

Innovative Customer Experiences

DOOH and digital signage have become mainstays of the modern brand experience. As consumer behavior evolves, innovative brands are exploring new ways to captivate and engage customers in the physical world. Following the data that shows that online shoppers are significantly more likely to engage with interactive content, brick-and-mortar stores are deploying more interactive experiences throughout their physical footprint.

Captivate Customers with Unique Interactivity

One of the biggest opportunities for engagement is in the storefront window. Historically, these have been designed to capture eyeballs and draw customers inside the store, but their options for interactivity have been severely limited by thick sheets of storefront glass. Freetouch opens up all new possibilities for customer engagement, allowing customers to interact with digital displays placed behind storefront glass that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Coach’s “Windows of the Future” Interactive Storefront

Coach made headlines with their recent Windows of the Future initiative. Windows of the Future showcases 9 bespoke window displays around the world that reflect the brand’s free-spirited and inclusive identity. Each of the nine windows adapt the brand’s house motifs in ways that are tailored to its local audience. It will be seen in locations like New York City, Honolulu, Tokyo and Taiwan. Coach hopes this initiative will reduce environmental waste caused by disposable and ever-changing window displays.

Freetouch partnered with Coach to create a truly forward-looking digital storefront at the Mitsukoshi A8 Coach Store in Taipei, Taiwan. Artists deployed 88 LED tiles displaying the skyline of NYC; with Freetouch, customers can take control of the display from the sidewalk and manipulate the content of the displays from their smartphones.

Coach wanted to make its windows more future-proof and therefore decided to work with all sorts of new technologies that would make displays more engaging and relevant.

The Freetouch platform allowed us to easily make one of our most important windows interactive without having to jump through huge technical barriers. Tennille Martin, Experiential Digital Producer, Coach

Touchless Retail Throughout the Shopping Experience

Freetouch is designed to enable touchless interaction for all kinds of retail experiences. Encompassing out-of-reach displays, interactive merchandising, POS, and touchless self-checkout, Freetouch’s unique touchless technology can be deployed quickly and without changes to existing hardware or customer-facing applications. Retail may never be the same.

Will you be part of the revolution?