Touchless Interfaces

The Next Evolutionary Step in User Experience

In 2007, the iPhone introduced multi-touch computing to the mainstream, and today touch-driven experiences are ubiquitous across the globe. The pandemic put the safety of shared touchscreens into question, and scientific tests prove that within an hour of disinfecting displays, contamination is present again.

Touchless interfaces are quickly becoming the new normal in industries and locations throughout the world.

Freetouch is the easiest way to offer a touchless interface to your customers.

Touchless and Touch Working Together

Freetouch is designed to run in concert with your existing single- or multi-touch applications, providing full fidelity of user input from any smartphone.

There's no need to modify your existing applications. Simply install the Freetouch software, and you're up and running in minutes.

Freetouch is a really simple way of enabling interaction for touch screens but without actual physical touch. I really like the way that it is so easy to add to the Inside Explorer application without any modification to the software. The Freetouch system enables access to all the functionality of our application via the user’s mobile device. So, for any of our clients that want a belt and braces COVID-free way of using their existing installations, Freetouch provides this in a really simple and effective way.DAVID HUGHES, BUSINESS DEVELOPER AT INTERSPECTRAL