Touchless Museum Exhibits

Accommodating Diverse Audiences

The Wolfsonian-FIU installed Freetouch's touchless interface on digital interactives for its latest exhibit.

Museums have always been vanguards of engaging digital experiences for visitors, leveraging interactive exhibits to illuminate complex concepts and bring compelling stories to life. They also have a unique challenge to make these experiences inclusive and accessible to a diverse audience, with widely varying degrees of mobility and comfort levels with touching shared surfaces.

Enhanced Accessibility

Freetouch was designed with wheelchair-bound and mobility-impaired users in mind. With Freetouch installed, visitors can interact with existing digital interactives from the comfort of their own smartphone, virtually eliminating issues with reach, accessibility and removing the need for larger arm movements from the user experience.

Touchless Interfaces for the Touch-Averse

Interspectral's Inside Explorer works flawlessly with Freetouch, offering a safe touchless interface option for visitors alongside the primary user interface.

With Freetouch, the full fidelity of multitouch interactivity is preserved at any scale, from single-user to building-scale displays. Freetouch partner Interspectral uses Freetouch to provide a touchless interface to their highly-interactive Inside Explorer application, running seamlessly alongside the existing application. With Freetouch, visitors can use all of the features of the original application safely from their smartphone, with no loss of functionality or latency.

Freetouch is a really simple way of enabling interaction for touch screens but without actual physical touch. I really like the way that it is so easy to add to the Inside Explorer application without any modification to the software. The Freetouch system enables access to all the functionality of our application via the user’s mobile device. So, for any of our clients that want a belt and braces COVID-free way of using their existing installations, Freetouch provides this in a really simple and effective way.David Hughes, Business Developer at Interspectral

Disinfecting Screens Doesn't Last

Scientific tests show that within an hour of disinfecting displays, contamination is present again.

Stop spending time on ineffective disinfecting practices. Freetouch ensures a 100% touchless option for touch-averse users.

Reduce Consumables Use and Prevent Damage

Some museums spend upwards of $70,000 per year on disposable styluses for visitors! These not only contribute to the waste stream, but can ultimately end up damaging interactive displays when their protective nubs come off, resulting in increased capital costs for display replacement.

Freetouch is a “set and forget” solution - once installed, it requires no attention, only an active subscription and network connection.

It reduces operating costs and the need for consumables such as hand sanitizer, and protects displays from damage from styluses.

Freetouch installs quickly and easily alongside existing applications, without requiring modifications to hardware or software.