Touchless Ordering Kiosks

Updating the QSR Ordering Experience

A woman orders fast food from an interactive self-service kiosk. These shared touchscreens have high levels of bacterial and fecal contamination.

Diners at quick service restaurants have undoubtedly been exposed to QSR menus and ordering kiosks. While these systems help to increase throughput and ensure order details are correct, multiple studies have shown significant bacterial and fecal contamination on touchscreens deployed in restaurants.

In less than one hour after the use of disinfecting wipes, touch screens again showed “marked contamination with bacterial and fungal organisms.'"American Journal of Infection Control", June, 2015

Scientific tests show that within an hour of disinfecting displays, contamination is present again.

Stop spending time on ineffective disinfecting practices. Freetouch ensures a 100% touchless option for touch-averse users.

Touchscreens Not Required

The biggest benefit of software-based touchless interaction may be that it does not require an existing touchscreen – it’s just as effective on passive displays. A software-based touchless upgrade works on nearly any display, including those within hardened enclosures.

Our partners at Palmer Digital Group installed Freetouch on one of their hardened public-facing enclosures to demonstrate how easy it is to turn an existing passive display into a fully interactive display in only a few minutes.

This demo is a great example of how QSRs can turn menu boards into ordering stations, or simply add a touchless option to existing ordering kiosks.

Interactive Drive-Thru Menus Made Possible

If you prefer the drive-thru, have you experienced the frustration of trying to place an order when there are adverse weather conditions? Hanging your head out of the car window in a driving rainstorm and repeatedly yelling out your order...for the 3rd time before it’s right? Freetouch can enable touchless, distance independent ordering “through the glass” with the same software that’s used for indoor ordering stations. Whether you choose to navigate the menu with touch gestures or simply type in your order using the Freetouch keypad, it’s simple, fast, and keeps you dry!

Reduce Costs and Consumables and Prevent Damage

Freetouch is a “set and forget” solution - once installed, it requires no attention, only an active subscription and network connection.

Freetouch reduces operating costs and waste through reduced use of consumables such as hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, and protects displays from contamination and wear, without requiring modifications to existing applications.