Touchless Travel Experiences

Quickly Meet Urgent Needs for Traveler Safety

With air travel rapidly nearing pre-pandemic levels and no end in sight for the current crisis, a renewed focus on keeping current and future travelers safe is arriving in the form of sweeping new protocols and practices.

Airport touchscreens show some of the highest levels of bacterial contamination.

Airports globally have recognized that the air travel process is susceptible to interruptions from public health crises and requires significant upgrades to ensure traveler safety. Many temporary protocols implemented to address COVID-related issues are becoming institutionalized into permanent solutions as airports seek to manage ongoing challenges, prepare for future public health threats, and adapt to permanent changes in traveler concerns and expectations.

Touchless Check-In Kiosks

A significant movement is afoot to address risks associated with touching shared surfaces, as scientific studies have shown that disinfection of shared surfaces is only fleeting and temporary, and the potential for transmission of pathogens from touching shared surfaces reaches far beyond COVID.

With Freetouch, conversion of existing CUSS kiosks to touchless is simple and straightforward.

Ensure Privacy Compliance

Some airport kiosks are integrating facial recognition, which can have significant privacy concerns. (Photo by Chris Rank, Rank Studios 2018)

Airports across the globe have grappled with rolling out biometric passenger processing technologies in the wake of growing privacy concerns.

Freetouch is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, rapidly enabling a touchless CUSS check-in kiosk option for travelers without compromising on privacy concerns.

JetBlue lets customers use their own smartphone to interact touchlessly with in-flight entertainment seatback touchscreens.

We expect to see ... shifts in behavior in air travel, with passengers placing greater emphasis on things like airport cleanliness, and potential reluctance to engage with technologies or processes that require physical touch."How COVID-19 is challenging orthodoxies in airport customer experience", Deloitte, 2021

Reduce Consumables Use and Prevent Damage

Freetouch is a “set and forget” solution - once installed, it requires no attention, only an active subscription and network connection. Freetouch reduces operating costs, eliminates consumables, and protects displays, without requiring modifications to existing applications.

Freetouch helps reduce the need for hand sanitizer and both labor and consumables for keeping displays clean, while providing a 100% verifiably touchless interface for traveler safety and confidence.

A Simple Upgrade for Traveler Safety

At Freetouch, our touchless interaction solution helps airports meet urgent needs for touchless interfaces today. With our software-based product, existing touch-based infrastructure can be converted to touchless in minutes.

Freetouch does not require that travelers join the airport WiFi network. Software-based touchless lets travelers use their own device with a near-zero learning curve, and requires no modifications to existing software platforms aside from installing the Freetouch software.

As airports move quickly to implement permanent new solutions to keep travelers safe and moving quickly, Freetouch can be the first and simplest step towards a new touchless future for the transportation sector.