Televisionation: Freetouch Founder and CEO, Darren David, in Conversation with the iTV Doctor

Televisionation: Friday Fireside features Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor, in conversation with prominent figures from the advanced-TV/video industry.

This week’s Friday Fireside guest is Freetouch Founder and CEO, Darren David, who responded to the Covid-19 Pandemic by developing and launching an exceptionally simple solution to help museums, public venues, retail stores, malls, airports and others safely reopen, by turning any smartphone into a navigation device for public and shared touchscreens. And with just a LITTLE stretch, it can open doors to new experiences, where crowds play “Space Invaders” on giant screen billboards in Times Square, or direct the “kiss cam” at Yankee Stadium. Is this perhaps the salvation of movie theaters? Give this Friday Fireside a look and see for yourself.