Real-World Demonstrations

Freetouch has been deployed across the globe in a dizzying array of different applications and industry verticals. We've selected some of our favorites here – please click on any of the images below to view video demonstrations.

QSR Interactive Menu from Palmer Digital Group

Quickly convert passive displays inside existing enclosures to interactive surfaces

MIT University Sports Legacy Interactive

Design Revolution created this in-depth on-campus retrospective of MIT's sports programs.

The Wolfsonian's "Art for Justice" Exhibit

The Wolfsonian–Florida International University is a museum, library and research center that uses its collection to illustrate the persuasive power of art and design.

Interspectral's "Inside Explorer" Interactive Exhibit

Adding a touchless option to existing multi-touch museum exhibits in minutes.

Multi-user Interactive Wall

Freetouch now supports multiple simultaneous users on interactive walls and tables

Reagan Ranch Center Interactive Exhibit

Stimulant's interactive timeline sports full touchless interactivity for touch-averse visitors.