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Freetouch is the simplest and easiest way to enable touchless interaction on touchscreen PCs, and we want to you see it for yourself!

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Freetouch is licensed on a subscription basis, priced based on the number of screens/systems it is deployed on. Discounts are available in volume, with longer-term prepaid commitments, and for qualifying non-profit institutions.

Please contact our sales team for pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What host systems are supported by Freetouch?

Freetouch 1.0 supports the following host systems:

  • Windows 7 SP1 (x86/x64)
  • Windows 8 (x86/x64)
  • Windows 8.1 (x86/x64)
  • Windows 10 (x86/x64)

Freetouch does not currently support Windows 7 Embedded. Please contact our sales team if this is a requirement for you.

Will you be supporting additional host operating systems in the future?

Yes. If you have a specific system need, please contact our sales team for more information.

Is Freetouch compatible with my touchscreen/PC?

Freetouch is application-agnostic and should work with any application that responds to Windows touch or mouse input (TUIO support coming soon), including Windows Explorer itself.

We recommend that all customers download Freetouch and install the free trial on machines on which touchless remote control is to be enabled to confirm compatibility.

Does Freetouch support multi-display systems?

Freetouch is currently designed for systems where touch is constrained to a single display. This can either be a single-screen system, or a multi-display system where all user input is handled by a single display (for example, a system with two displays where one display has a touch overlay and the second display is passive). Support for matrixed/tiled multi-display systems (video walls, et al) is slated for an upcoming release.

Does Freetouch support multi-user systems?

Freetouch does not currently support multiple simultaneous users, as might be supported on an interactive wall or a large-format interactive table. This functionality is currently slated for an upcoming release.

What is required to install Freetouch?

You will need remote or direct access to the host PC, along with administrative rights to install software on that machine. Your host PC must also be connected to the internet in order to download dependencies and for license validation.

How is Freetouch secured?

Freetouch uses SSL connectivity to protect all communications between a host PC and an end user's mobile browser. Freetouch secures each session by generating a new QR code immediately after a session is initiated. Each QR code is only usable once by a single user, preventing session snooping and ensuring only one user can connect at the same time.

In addition, no sensitive or personally-identifiable end user information is recorded by the system.

What if the mobile service isn't great at my location?

Freetouch requires solid 3G/4G/LTE connectivity for mobile devices to have the best experience. In situations where mobile signal strength or speeds are poor, it may be necessary for end users to join a local Wi-Fi network to improve their connectivity. We recommend that all customers download Freetouch and install the free trial on all machines on which remote control is to be enabled to test connectivity from usage locations within their facility.

What if my touchscreen PC isn't connected to the internet?

Freetouch requires broadband Internet connectivity (preferably hardwired) for all host PCs.

Do I need to provide external internet access to the PC? What ports does Freetouch use?

The Freetouch host application installed on the PC needs to be able to make outbound HTTPS requests to establish a connection with our global network of relay servers. No open inbound ports or port forwarding are required.

What if someone interacts directly with the touchscreen while a Freetouch session is active?

By default Freetouch is configured to immediately end a Freetouch session if the host PC detects direct interaction (touch, keyboard input, mouse input). This behavior can be enabled/disabled via the control panel.

Can I use a physical/printed QR code?

Not at this time. If this is a requirement for you, please contact our team to discuss.

I installed Freetouch and it didn't work as expected/at all.

Hardware and software versions can vary wildly from system to system, and due to the wide range of potential combinations currently in deployment we have not been able to test every possible permutation and scenario. If you run into issues, please check the knowledgebase on our support site for more information.