Freetouch is now globally available!

Announcing the world's first software-only retrofit for touchless interaction.

We're thrilled to announce the global availability of our smartphone-based touchless interaction solution for public touchscreens (read our official press release). Our dream of creating an easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution for businesses needing to keep touchscreens operational during COVID times is now a reality!

It's hard to believe that only five challenging, quarantined, infinitely-long-seeming months ago we set out to solve a problem for a handful of clients, and ended up creating something much, much more. In the process, we've talked to hundreds of businesses, all with similar concerns and problems.

We've had businesses tell us they're interested in protecting their customers and protecting themselves in the process. We've talked to museums with one exhibit and transactional kiosk operators with tens of thousands of systems. We've talked to agencies and AV integrators looking for ways to keep existing systems in play, and excited about new ways to enable interaction post-COVID. We've talked to institutions next-door and companies from around the world. We're thrilled at the incredibly positive reception so far, and we're excited to help all of these organizations and more safely go touchless – indefinitely.

Freetouch is now available for purchase and downloadable with a 14-day free trial. We hope you'll take the time to test Freetouch out in your own scenarios and see how easy it is to implement a touchless option for your customers. Operating safely shouldn't have to mean going dark.

With that, a sincere and heartfelt thank you from me and everyone on our team for all of the input, feedback, support, and genuine encouragement so far! We're excited to be even a small part of helping the world return one step closer to normal.