In a newly touch-averse world, Freetouch lets anyone interact with connected displays via the one screen they all feel comfortable touching...

Their own smartphone.


FINALIST – Best Idea, North America

HONORABLE MENTION – Best Idea, Software

Free yourself from concern over screen contamination

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new touch-averse customer segment concerned about the safety of shared touchscreens and kiosks. Freetouch™ makes touchless technology easy and quick to implement.

Enable interactive experiences where they didn’t (or couldn’t) exist before

Freetouch™ activates passive digital signage as well as curved/stretched, projection-based, LED/ultra-large, and distance/location-disadvantaged displays.
No expensive hardware-based touch overlay required.

How Freetouch Works


Download and install Freetouch software on Internet-connected PCs and touchscreens.



Snap the onscreen QR code with any mobile device to connect to the kiosk



Interact with the remote display as if using a laptop touchpad and keyboard



Freetouch enables rapid touchless conversion of new and existing kiosks and digital displays.

Customers and visitors use their own mobile device without ever having to touch a shared surface.


Freetouch was designed from the ground up to pass stringent IT and security requirements.

All interactions are SSL secured and completely anonymous. Freetouch is GDPR compliant as no end-user data is collected.

Easy to Install.

Install Freetouch software on any Windows PC with internet connectivity, and configure in minutes.

Tackle large deployments with MSI installers, portable configuration files, and a cloud-based management portal.

Built to run.

Freetouch is designed to “set it and forget it.” No hardware retrofit, software development, or upkeep required.

Freetouch is powered by a global cloud network to keep you operating touch-free for years to come.

Easy to Use.

Users click, drag, scroll, type, and perform multi-touch gestures safely on their own device to interact with existing applications.

There’s no end-user app download or sign-up required, and mobile devices don't need to join the local Wi-Fi network.


Freetouch is designed to maximize the value of both new and existing investments in digital displays.

Pricing is scalable and aligned to fit within operational budgets.

Installed in minutes.

Mastered in seconds.

Touchless indefinitely.

Freetouch rapidly enables touchless interactivity on self-service systems...

Museum Interactive Exhibits

Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks

Digital Menus

Interactive Check-in Kiosks

Interactive Tables

Ticketing Kiosks

...and enables new interactivity options for millions of passive displays

Digital Signage

LED Walls

Projection Displays

Stretched Displays

Curved Displays

Hard-to-reach/Inaccessible Displays

What makes Freetouch unique?

Any Modern Smartphone

iOS or Android, tablets too!

No App Download Required

Runs in mobile web browsers

Works on Mobile Networks

End-users don't need to join local Wi-Fi

Installs in Minutes

No special hardware or programming needed

Responsive and Easy to Use

Intuitive design works just like a laptop touchpad

Secure Connectivity

All communications encrypted via SSL

100% contactless

Users never have to touch the shared display

Instantaneous Connection

Just snap the QR code and go

No End User Learning Curve

No awkward, unreliable, or fatiguing gestures to learn

Zero Maintenance Required

Once installed, it just works

Completely Anonymous

No login or signup required for end users

Customizable Controls

Tune available features on a per-system basis

  • This is the touchless solution the industry is looking for since COVID-19 hit. Allowing visitors to utilize interactive displays without physical touch by using their own personal and clean smartphone solves an urgent and timely need.

    Chris ConteVP, Executive Consultant – Electrosonic
  • I can’t believe how easy Freetouch was to both install and to use. Our touchscreens were fully contactless in minutes, and the user experience is faster and more seamless than I imagined was possible.

    Andrew CoffinExecutive Director, Reagan Ranch Center
  • Freetouch protects the significant investment we've made in our digital visitor experience by providing an elegant, contactless interface for our interactive experiences.

    Nichole BenolkenGeneral Manager, 360 Chicago
  • Freetouch gives us the opportunity to really not change anything we're doing in regard to the way our touchscreen displays work... It's logistically friendly and extremely low friction for us and for our guests as well.

    John BeckmanDirector of Exhibit Design and Production, Adler Planetarium